Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Room Makeover: Master Bedroom Part 4

You may have noticed that I’ve missed two days of blogging; sorry about that.
It has been raining non-stop these days. As you know, I’m doing this entire master bedroom makeover by myself, all DIY, and the humid weather is making it all the more difficult. It’s monsoon season here.

So here’s what I realized from the makeover so far:

1.       Ripping out the wall paper is the easy part. To my horror, the contractor from 20 years ago used rugby (rubber cement) on the ceiling instead of ordinary wall paper glue, which means that it took me ages to clean out the goo that it left on the ceiling!

2.       I’m really good with a hammer. We don't normally have tools or equipments that most American homes have, like a nail gun, staple gun, and that sort, so everything is really done with your sweat. Now picture a tiny, skinny girl, balancing herself on two chairs( I don’t have a ladder either), trying to reach the ceiling that’s already peeling off, and pounding half-inch nails with a huge, heavy hammer. I felt sorry for myself as I was doing the damage repairs, but I was proud when I saw how it turned out.
3.       Spackling is a skill; it takes practice. I didn’t know that the putty I use (2 kinds that you mix to form a spackling paste) to fill the cracks and holes on the walls, dries up so fast! In seconds!  You see, I took about half a can of polytuff  (the putty) and mixed it with the ‘hardening’ glue as per instructions, and as I was mixing it with a plastic spoon, it hardened into a rock! I had something like a stone lollipop! It took a few small tries to figure out a technique to be able to apply the paste to the wall before it hardens. Turns out, it’s better if you mix little amounts (by spoonfuls) of only what you need, and work really, really fast to scrape it on the walls.
4.       Sanding is not my thing. My body was already aching with all the manly stuff that I’ve been doing, and I still had to clean and dust off everything (in preparation for the primer paint). If only I had a sanding machine -which shockingly, I don’t- I wouldn’t have had to buff the wall until sun down. Honestly, I cheated. I barely sanded. I’m just crossing my fingers that the paint will do its job in covering the minor imperfections.  

Next on the list is to prime coat the ceiling and walls twice, paint the bed, and then paint colors on the ceilings and walls. I promised hubby that I’ll be done with this makeover project this week. Good luck to me. 


  1. Can't wait to see your new room :D

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I was reading this post and it's jaw-dropping... you did that yourself?!? My husband and I repainted our masters bedroom a year ago. We swore it will be the last time we DIY something that big, haha. I can't wait to see your finished make-over!

  3. Thanks Kristili and Janelle. Yes, I did all the nailing and spackling. I swear I was like a real carpenter as I pounded away!

    I'm currently painting the primer for the ceiling and walls . Because of our weather, it's taking a long time to dry. I'll post the progress soon! Thanks for dropping by! ^_^


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